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What Does A Sugar Daddy Expect From A Sugar Baby?

What Does A Sugar Daddy Expect From A Sugar Baby?

Experienced sugar babies say that you shouldn’t dive into the world of sugar dating without knowing what exactly you expect from it. But what about sugar daddy relationship expectations? What do they really want from SBs? That’s what we’re going to discuss.

sugar baby expectations from sugar dating

What does a sugar daddy expect?

First and foremost, we must emphasize that any assumptions about SD expectations are generalizations. Let us explain what we mean. SDs have some common wishes, and we’ll list them below. But there are always exceptions, and specific conditions are what potential partners usually discuss before they start a relationship. This is just a part of sugar dating culture. Nevertheless, most daddies are looking for the following:

  1. Positive emotions—they don’t want jealousy, texting 24/7, and other common relationship problems.
  2. Honesty—they are looking for an opportunity to be honest about everything, from expectations to marital status.
  3. Intimacy—most daddies want that, but they don’t have the right to put pressure on sugar babies, they can delay or end it—after all, it’s not sex work.
  4. Companionship and authentic feelings—perfect sugar relationship is when both partners really enjoy it.

Again, there are also platonic sugar daddies, daddies who want to meet every day and those who don’t mind having a date with an SB two times a month, daddies who will take a SB to another country, daddies who aren’t going to travel with a SB, those who want to pay a monthly allowance, those who want to pay per meet, and so on, and so forth. As we’ve noted above, you need to learn everything about sugar daddy expectations before you agree to meet him.

sugar daddy expectations from sugar dating

What to expect about your first sugar daddy date?

What if you are a newbie? What to expect about your first sugar daddy date? First of all, don’t worry—it’s like a regular date with only a few serious differences. First, you both can be honest about your plans and wishes. Second, you get paid for it.

Generally speaking, that’s what you can expect:

  • Chemistry or its absence. Basically, sugar dating is also about chemistry. Relax, enjoy the date. If there is any, you’ll be together anyway. If there is no chemistry, well, it happens. Then you need another benefactor.
  • Getting closer. The conversation is an essential part of any date, including the sugar date. So your sugar daddy will expect you to have a nice talk. Don’t be shy.
  • Hugs or maybe kisses. That’s optional, actually. Still, holding hands or hugs are usually part of a date. Just keep in mind that you can have sex or not have it—you have the right to decide.
  • Gifts (optional). One of the worst things you can do is staring at a sugar baby waiting for a cute and preferably expensive gift. Be spontaneous, don’t wait for anything. But if he gives a gift, be grateful.
  • Money, if it’s pay per meet. Again, smile and accept it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

As you can see, it’s like a vanilla first date. Your main goal is to get a bit closer and find out if you can and should start a relationship.


What does a sugar daddy expect? He may expect different things, actually. The most important thing to do is to consider some common expectations and learn more about the plans and desires of a particular benefactor.

Michael Miller
Michael Miller is a certified life coach who has spent the past 20+ years helping people find their footing in life. He has witnessed a swift growth in the popularity of sugar dating for the last decade, and it has fascinated him so much that he decided to pursue it professionally. Michael continues coaching people for a living, but he has also become a contributing writer for SugarOnlineDating. As our writer, he shares his views on the rules of sugar relationships, tips on how to stay safe, the financial aspect of these arrangements, the signs of good and bad sugar dating sites, and other components of a positive sugar dating experience.