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What Does PPM Stand For? Pay Per Meet In Sugar Dating

What Does PPM Stand For? Pay Per Meet In Sugar Dating

Sugar dating is becoming more and more common and even popular, but we can’t deny that it still is stigmatized, especially by people who believe in myths about sugar relationships. Definition of PPM is directly related to social stigma, and in this post, we’ll explain why it is a completely wrong approach.

What is PPM stand for?

As you have probably guessed, PPM stands for pay per meet. PPM, however, varies depending on the type of “interaction”—it can refer to sex work or to sugar dating. Yes, in both cases, sugar daddies pay for the date, but the difference is actually huge.

sugar baby on a pay per meet date

PPM arrangement—How is it different from sex work?

What distinguishes sugar dating from sex work? Researchers note that this is the ability of a sugar baby to initiate the relationship, delay sexual intimacy or end it—is also what distinguishes sugar culture from prostitution. When it comes to sex work, sex is the essential and the main attribute of the arrangement.

Let’s say a sugar daddy meets a sugar baby. Pay per meet is what she offers. Does it mean that they will have sex on the first date? No, it doesn’t. On top of that, she may agree not to receive payment for the first date—after all, both potential partners need to meet in real life to find out if there is chemistry between them. But even if she doesn’t, dinner in this case means dinner, no more and no less. A sugar relationship is about companionship and intimacy, not just intimacy.

Let’s suppose that they like each other and decide to start dating. A daddy pays per meet, but they don’t have sex because they want to get closer to one another—that’s a pretty common scenario. So, it’s not sex work, even when they both decide that they are ready to get intimate just because intimacy itself has never been the only thing that kept them together.

How much PPM for sugar relationship?

In fact, not all sugar daters choose allowance—a lot of babies and daddies choose PPM. Sugar daddy—how much does he pay in this case? Generally speaking, it depends. The average cost of one date is about $300, but there are ladies who may ask for $500, and they do meet daddies who are ready to pay this amount, too.

sugar baby came for ppm

Why you should and shouldn’t do a pay per meet

How to find out if PPM will work for you? Sugar daddy who may prefer this type of payment:

  • Is not going to meet a sugar baby very often
  • Is seeing many sugar babies
  • Wants to have an opportunity to end a relationship at any time without losing money

What about sugar babies? It will work for them if:

  • They need money now.
  • They don’t want to waste their time on multiple dates with daddies without getting anything.
  • They want to find out if the man they are seeing is not a Salt daddy who actually has no money.

Why you shouldn’t do a PPM? It will hardly work for you if:

  • You don’t like the fact that it is pretty close to sex work.
  • You are a sugar daddy who is looking for a long-term relationship with one sugar baby.
  • You are a sugar daddy and don’t want to do PPM on first date because you don’t know if there will be chemistry between you and your potential sugar baby.

Remember that it’s always up to you. Just choose the option that is likely to work better in your case.


Now you know the real PPM meaning. Dating a sugar baby or a sugar daddy is always based on the two most important things—companionship and money, and only the partners decide what type of payment is the best for both of them and what relationship they want to have.

Michael Miller
Michael Miller is a certified life coach who has spent the past 20+ years helping people find their footing in life. He has witnessed a swift growth in the popularity of sugar dating for the last decade, and it has fascinated him so much that he decided to pursue it professionally. Michael continues coaching people for a living, but he has also become a contributing writer for SugarOnlineDating. As our writer, he shares his views on the rules of sugar relationships, tips on how to stay safe, the financial aspect of these arrangements, the signs of good and bad sugar dating sites, and other components of a positive sugar dating experience.